Creating your
best tomorrow

Creating Your
best tomorrow

Happiness Is...

the difference between
Wishing and Doing.

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We're All About

Imagination. Perspective.

 Growth. Unity.

Leading to Our 4 Pillar Vision:


 We are "the environment".

You, your friends, family & everyone you know are all part of it. Keeping a healthy environment leads

to a better life. 

We coordinate with other groups & volunteers by organising events and directly involving

 the people.

Community Work

Teaching Children about creativity & sustainability.

Health & Fitness.

Mindfulness Practices.

Entrepreneurship & Business.


Environmental & agricultural Sustainability.

Sustainable practices at home.

Healthy oceans provide the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe.  Their continued health depends on us.

Arts & Culture

Working with artisans, artists and musicians.

Organising and/or sponsoring events, gatherings or gigs.

Helping with promotion and/or raising funds for their activities. 

We've all said..

"Someone should do something about this!"



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Weekend Camping
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"A Big well done! This group aims to raise public awareness of the values of, and threats to our natural resources which are so fragile and indispensable. Keep up the good work Jean & co."

Anna Mar Vela

Anna Mar Vela

"Hi Nikolai and all, thanks for introducing yourselves to me yesterday, I really admire your initiative and am spreading the word amongst people I know. Sent out a lot of messages this morning."

Daniela Valentino

Daniela Valentino

The Timeline


Our Work So Far:

  • We've been working very hard designing & developing our website as well as our community platform to be the most efficient, intuitive and up-to-date.  Most importantly, it's fun & easy to use. 
  • Over 2000 people have spoken to us over our year-long door to door campaign. This has helped us understand what people think & feel could be improved, whilst gathering information to find solutions.
  • Monthly clean-up initiative to raise awareness about the effects of pollution.
  • Establishing working relations with multiple NGOs & other organisations.

Our goals for 2020 include:

  • Launch the #ShareHappiness Campaign.
  • Grow the Mindful Warrior Tribe. Our paid Online Community & collective of amazing people contributing what they can towards a better future. 
  • Collaborate with other NGOs and organisations such as the Eco Market or Get Trashed on various fronts, from clean-ups to organising great events.
  • Finalise the creation and approval of "The Mindful Warriors Foundation".
  • All work and no play? Not us. By the end of 2020 we will be hosting our first ever Fiesta. A community event for members who are part of our Mindful Warrior Tribe.

By the end of 2021 we'll have worked on:

  • Hosting our first ever annual meeting. A Mindful Warriors social meeting where like minded individuals can eat, drink, and have a good time as we all love to do!
  • Maintain steady growth within the community and keep networking with amazing people such as yourselves! 
  • Reaching out to new audiences via radio, tv, press releases and other events.

Tentative Future Projects

Depending on resources, funds & manpower.

A new system to educate children about the importance and application of sustainable practices, life skills, and other in school or extra-curricular education programs. 

#SuperTown - working with other NGOs and coordinating with local councils to sustain a cleaner environment, both natural and urban.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles

Begins With a Single Step. 

Are you In?

A Journey of a Thousand Miles

Begins With a Single Step.

Are you In?

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